Stake your Celo Gold. Earn 6% annually.

We run secure, reliable, and independent Celo validators to enable prosperity for all.

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Why StakeValley?

We have been a top Celo validator since Celo's inception. We are secure, reliable, and committed.


We are serious about security and earned high marks on Celo Labs' security audit. StakeValley earned the coveted Master Validator status during Celo's highly competitive Stake Off.


Validator reliability is critical for Celo's health and your returns. Our sophisticated automated, monitoring, and processes ensure our validators stay running with high availability.


Prosperity for all requires active commitment from independent validators like us. We are regular contributors to the Celo community in Discord, governance, and code contributions.

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Staking with StakeValley is as simple as voting for the StakeValley validator group with your locked Celo Gold. Here are steps using celocli:

  1. Lock your gold (if you haven't already)

    celocli lockedgold:lock --from <YOUR_ADDRESS> --value <AMOUNT_TO_LOCK>
  2. Vote for the StakeValley group

    celocli election:vote --for 0x3FEf91a3422F4dA394C08f115632D3e075d0EFFd --from <YOUR_ADDRESS> --value <NUM_VOTES>
  3. After 24 hours, activate your votes

    celocli election:activate --from <YOUR_ADDRESS>

Meet our team

Brian, Founder

Brian is an entrepreneur with over 13 years of experience in software development, infrastructure automation, and technical leadership. He most recently was the CTO & co-founder of a SaaS startup that successfully exited in 2018. His expertise across all layers of the engineering stack brings a unique skillset to run Celo validators with the excellence and rigor to keep Celo's network strong.